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BMI Virtual
Posted On: 2015-01-22 14:47:47


BMI Virtual is now open Under new management   Pilot applications are in full swing and so are our operations, So if you haven’t joined, then fill in an application form and join one of Europe’s major VA

We will be working our hard ..... Read More About: BMI Virtual

BMI Virtual
Posted On: 2011-10-18 10:36:44

From The CEO Of BMI Virtual My Time Has Come Where I Am Now Officialy Resigning And SIMMILES Will Continue The Operation Of THe VA

Thank You To All The Pilots That Have FLown In My Presence As CEO


Kindest Regards

Mr Oscar Segev

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BMI Virtuals Visit to Spain
Posted On: 2011-09-29 13:09:18


The Va's First Online Event! ;D

If Your Not A Member yet Join At

We Will Fly To Spain For A Holiday Flight As Our First Online Event.


All BMI Pilots To Meet At Manchester And Will Fly Together ..... Read More About: BMI Virtuals Visit to Spain

BMI Virtual
Posted On: 2011-09-08 11:17:32

V-route Comunity Now Released If Your A Pilot And Havnt Got A Invite To The V-route Comunity Please Contact Me At


Kind Regards

CEO OF BMI Virtual

Oscar Segev

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BMI Virtual Opens VRoute Community
Posted On: 2011-09-07 12:31:37

Finaly BMI Virtual Opens A V-Route Comunity For VATSIM Flyer Of The VA! When You Apply Check Your V-Route And If You Have a Request

From Us To Join Our Community You Know You Have Been Accepted If You Dont Have Vroute ..... Read More About: BMI Virtual Opens VRoute Community

Welcome to BMI Virtual Airlines for Flight Simulator X in Madrid, Spain

Showing the Latest 50 Virtual Airline flights flown by Rafael Rodriguez

BMI1611   EGNM-EBBR   G-RJXP   E135   23   2011/01/18 02:02Z   $3,444.94   0.9 HRS
Total Flight Revenue: $3,444.94 Aircraft Maintenance: $-94.50
Network: VATSIM Flight Service Costs: $0.00
Meals Served: 0 Number of Flight Attendants: 1
Estimated Fuel Costs: $-945.00 Actual Fuel Costs: $-958.70
Estimated Salary Costs: $-31.50 Actual Salary Costs: $-31.96
Total Estimated Costs: $-1,071.00 Total Actual Costs: $-1,085.15
Estimated Flight Profit: $2,373.94 Actual Flight Profit: $2,359.79
Estimated Flight Time: 0.9 Actual Flight Time: 0.9
Profit Used: Actual Profit Flight Score: 98.7%